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While a student at Leeds University, John Rettie was fortunate enough to photograph many rock'n'roll groups that performed at the weekly Saturday Night Gig in the Leeds University refectory.

They were not unknown groups -- they were famous rock n roll bands!

Between 1969 and 1971 he photographed:

  • The Who -- Live at Leeds
  • The Rolling Stones
  • Led Zeppelin
  • Yes
  • Pink Floyd
  • Procol Harum
  • Leonard Cohen
  • Ginger Baker's Airforce
  • Blodwyn Pig
  • and others......
  • Dec 18, 2009 -- Great News! A selection of fine art prints of John Rettie's Leeds rocknroll photos are now available at the Morrison Hotel Gallery in New York or through the MorrisonHotelGallery website

    To get a taste of the photograph's Rettie shot, you can check out his photos of the Rolling Stones at their performance on 13 March 1971 on this site
    And you can see many other photos on the University of Leeds' Alumni website
    You can also read more about the back story on the rocknroll photos on another page on the Leeds University website
    Latest posting -- Nov 2, 2007 -- you can see some of his Pink Floyd images on this fan website
    Latest posting -- Nov 20, 2007 -- you can see some of his Led Zeppelin images on the group's official website
    Latest posting -- Dec 28, 2007 -- The UK's famous Daily Mirror newspaper published an article about these photographs -- see the text of story
    Latest posting -- Jan 11, 2008 -- A Pink Floyd fan site in Austria discussed the Daily Mirror story on its website
    Latest posting -- February 13, 2008 -- During a visit to Leeds University to see the posters in the refectory John stopped by the BBC Studios where he was interviewed live on local radio and the BBC programme Look North, where he discussed the photographs he took 38 years previously. Luckily someone recorded it and posted it on YouTube:
    Latest posting -- Nov 18, 2009 -- One of Rettie's photos from the Pink Floyd concert can be seen on the Wikipedia entry for Pink Floyd
    Latest posting -- Nov 28, 2009 -- Three of John's photos from the Led Zeppelin concert can be seen in the new pictorial book "Good Times Bad Times" by Jerry Prochnicky
    Latest posting -- Dec 18, 2009 -- Some of John's photos from The Who "Live at Leeds" concert created quite a stir on the fan website
    Latest posting -- Dec 21, 2009 -- John Rettie's photos from The Who "Live at Leeds" concert can be seen on Joe Giorgianni's fan website

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